EGI 3/8″ Wax Trap


  • Connection size: Inlet/Outlet: 3/8″ MNPT
  • Pressure rating: 300 PSIG

This high-quality, industrial, and rugged product has been rigorously tested to meet our high quality standards.  We guarantee that it will hold a pressure up to 150 PSIG.

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This all stainless steel inline wax trap canister is designed to be installed in between your recovery pot’s vapor outlet port and your recovery pumps vapor inlet port.  Adding this wax trap to your closed-loop system will help to protect your recovery pump from inevitably sucking wax inside of itself, causing a loss in performance and eventually leading to premature failure of the pump.

If you want to protect your recovery pump from internal waxy buildup and ensure that it continues to run at optimal performance, then you will want this wax trap to help protect your investment and ensure maximum system up time.

The lid assembly comes with 3/8” male NPT fittings on the inlet and outlet ports which can be easily adapted to either SAE or JIC flare.  At the top-center of the lid is a 2” sight glass, allowing for an illuminated view to the bottom of the inlet port’s down-tube.  If any wax has been collected inside of the canister, you will be able to see at the bottom without having to open the canister to verify that it’s time for a good cleaning.


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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 9 x 15 in

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